Before 2009 a football team called Izintethe FC was formed. A year later in April 2010 Muzi Hlatchwayo who managed this football team met Rolf Arnd Marewski from Dortmund. Their idea to establish a football club for young people in Commondale area was discussed and this led to the formation of Borussia Commondale with the support from Germany in terms of sport equipment. Then Borussia Commondale was introduced to local Commondale farmers who like and support the idea of building a sports project like founding a football club. So another two years later after playing tournaments within the Commondale area and further plannings and especially writing a club constitution Borussia Commondale is now a registered NPO (NPO number  123-874 NPO – Community Social Investment). After this registration BC management started to promote the sports in the area, to improve the infrastructure like sportsground, changing rooms etc. and to integrate the community. This all should assist on fighting against crime, drug and alcohol abuse since youth will be focusing on education and football. In this time Borussia Commondale grew up to three football teams at different ages.

During the various discussions regarding the constitution and how to  involve many football teams, the idea was born to build up a football association for the Commondale area. To put this idea as easy as possible to practice Borussia Commondale’s constitution has been amended and it is now a constitution for a football association. The Name changed from “Borussia Commondale Football Club” to “Borussia Commondale Football Association” and the new board was elected from all Commondale teams. Now this project will grow much stronger and effective to the community of Commondale and we all can not wait to see the brightest future of the Commondale Football.




We are happy about our home office. There you can reach us and from there we will organize the Borussia Commondale League and the further development of the Commondale football. Our office will be opened in daily basis.
We are so glad to have a working place would like to say thank you on one hand to Mr Ronald Schütte who helped with all the needs like electricity cables and other stuff and on the other hand to the Borussia Commondale Booster Club in Germany who support this development infrastructure


Our football pitch will be at the Primary School (Kwa Matshamhlophe) together with all the buildings.
We started to put good soccer goal posts to the pitch. The quotations was  sent to the Borussia Commondale Booster Club who collected the money for this.
We got permission from the school master to get access to use water at the weekends when we host tournaments.


Borussia Commondale FA is our baby and we will be Borussia Commondale forever. We wish to work and succeed on our dreams. The schools around the area will be involved to the project as they are the key to our development and for the young people to stay focused on life and education.